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January 25, 2015


– coffee, coffee, coffee always. this particular cup is from Not Just Coffee.

– I bought Mouse a piece of faux fur in December and she is never not laying on it.

– Dan bottled his second batch of home-brewed beer.

Last year I tried a 52 project where I took pictures of myself and Dan each week, which I quit about half way through.

Since living in Charlotte I have had no desire to use my camera. It seems my passion for it was left in Seattle.

I set a goal for 2015 to use my camera more often regardless of what I was photographing, hoping to develop an interest again. I debated on whether or not I wanted to keep using this blog, again having lost the passion for it as well but decided to keep on. If I’m taking pictures I might as well put them somewhere right?

I think one day I will be glad I did.


wall hanging.

August 4, 2014


I’ve had this obsession lately with wall hangings, they are everywhere. These are a few of my favorites: here, here and here. The last one obviously being my inspiration for this project.

As I have said before I am not good at decorating, particularly when it comes to hanging things on the walls. It just never occurs to me. But I had been thinking lately how much I would love to have something to hang over the couch. I’m not big on spending money in general but especially right now knowing that in a years time we will once again be starting fresh.

Total cost for this project was $4. I already had a spare sheet that I was able to cut into strips. The stick came from the side of the road and was then hacked at with a steak knife (I know, I know but at the time it was all I could find). I used white sewing thread to hang the fabric from the stick and I had leftover faux suede leather (from a birthday gift project) that I used to hang the stick on the wall. The only purchase I made was black fabric dye.

It only took a few hours to make. Most of that being the time it took to dye the fabric pieces. I used 3 pieces of fabric per section, each the size of a ruler.

Overall it’s not perfect, there are some visible flaws but I’m ok with that. The whole time I was making it I kept thinking what a great gift something like this would be.

So, what do you think?


dinner menu.

August 1, 2014


A themed dinner for two…

A few weeks ago I had this idea that we should start doing themed dinners. Nothing fancy, just a meal paired with complimenting drinks and music. We started with something easy that we are no stranger to, Italian.

I’m not even sure you can call this Italian because it was so easy. Typically when we make pasta it is a no fuss ordeal. It’s noodles with olive oil, garlic and sun dried tomatoes. This time we made our own red sauce with roasted tomatoes and fresh basil. We drank wine and played classic Italian on Pandora while we ate. We talked about what makes parmigiano reggiano actual parmigiano reggiano. We pictured ourselves eating in Italy and we imagined what we would be eating for dessert if we were actually there.

We rarely get the opportunity to eat dinner together so being intentional is important for us. Picking a theme only made it all the more enjoyable.

Any suggestions for our next one?